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Adopt this 5-Day Keto Diet Plan to Beat Cancer Cells!

Adopt this 5-Day Keto Diet Plan to Beat Cancer Cells!

“Too much sweetness can kill you.”

While there are a myriad of reasons that constitute to cancer, sugar is the silent killer adding fuel to the fire. If you feel shocked, hear this out; according to research, your ancestors did not succumb to this chronic disease as much as your generation is likely to.

The reason is your forefathers did not consume the western delicacies whichtoday’s culture so gladly offers. Most millennials today are consuming sugar laden, high-fat foods which constitute to messing up the body’s nutrientbreakdown and metabolism. Thus, consuming junk or an unhealthy diet is one of the reasons for sugar accumulation in the body.

As this sugar fuels the inflammatory properties in the body, it gives rise to cancer.

Still killing millions, people today try to tame the disease by using pharmaceutical medication. However, the real trick is to prevent it from spreading. This can be accomplished by adopting keto diet plan.

Before moving to the meal plans, let’s first understand a little more about keto and exactly why or how it can help curb cancer.

Uncovering the idea of ketogenic diet:

Well, for those who do not have a clear concept of keto, this diet is mainly comprised of low carbohydrates. Now, a diet which has low carbohydrates helps one to burn fat instead of glucose.

In other words, the keto meal plan basically cuts off carbs and processes a body’s metabolism to burn fat. This process is known as ketosis. When the body lacks glucose, ketones are created which are, further, metabolised by the fatty acids in the liver and convertedinto energy.

Initially, this process was recorded by the Massai and Eskimo cultures who survived throughthe harsh weather in spite of low carbs.

Ketos is a form of coping mechanism by the human body when there is lack of availability of food.Nevertheless, today, the ketones are created by eliminating 80gms of carbohydrates from the body’s daily consumption. Now, an interesting aspect of this diet is, it can double up as a preventive measure for cancer.

Let’s discover how.

Keto diet and cancer!

Eminent cancer researcher, Dr Thomas Seyfried, and his team discovered that one of the components fueling the growth of these cells is amino acid glutamine; however, one which constricts them is glucose fermentation. Now, keto diet plan uses lower carbs which contain less level of glucose.

Hence, there is a lesser chance of glucose turning into sugar which is the fuel that stems cell inflammation.

Cancer cells have a unique trait; they consist of numerous insulin receptors on their cellular surface. Hence, they feed off glucose and nutrients in the blood and proliferate. This is why, cancer patients who consume lots of glucose have a less likely chance of fighting the disease.

Additionally, these cells have damaged mitochondria and thus, cannot develop energy from aerobic respiration. Therefore, they thrive and grow on glucose and amino acids. So, the best way to restrain cancer is to starve it. You can also look into the best CBD oil to go alongside your Keto diet. CBD oil has been proven to help with cancer cells, so this makes the perfect companion to a Ketogenic diet. HerbMighty released an in-depth CBD oil Buyer’s Guide here.

In other words, consume a ketogenic diet which will prevent the body from converting glucose to sugar. Here is a weekly keto meal plan for beginners who are undergoing treatment.

5-Day Keto Meal Plan for Cancer Patients!

Day 1:


Begin your day with a hearty meal of bacon, eggs and tomato. In fact, you can try an egg on toast, or baked bacon sandwiches for breakfast.


Make a feta cheese salad with chicken and olive oil. Additionally, you can check up keto diet recipes online for more delicious lunch meals.


For the first week, eat healthy fats like salmon. Cook with a little low-fat butter and asparagus for preparing a safe meal.

Day 2:


A sandwich made from goat cheese and eggs. You can spice it up with suitable condiments like basil and oregano.


Have peanut butter sandwiches, or you can additionally, drink cocoa butter or almond milkshake.


Meatballs salad with vegetable and fruits; you canuse cheddar cheese as a tastemaker in this.

Day 3:


You can opt for egg salsa omelet with spices, onion or avocados. This is one of the most popular ketogenic recipespeople opt for.


You can opt for a guacamole casserole, celery with salsa and compliment them with nuts.


Have stuffed chicken with vegetables, cheese and onions. Use organic condiments and make your keto diet plan tasty as well as healthy.

Day 4:


Have boiled eggs with keto milkshakes; you can choose low carb ketogenic recipes too, like strawberry coconut smoothie or strawberry keto milkshake.


Make a salad out of avocados, prawns and chicken. Ensure to use olive oil instead of regular cooking oil. This can double up as a delicious meal plan for patients fighting the deadly disease.


Chicken balls in salad using parmesan cheese and vegetables like broccoli, asparagus and kale would taste good in dinner.

Day 5:


Have a hearty breakfast of mushroom, bacon and eggs,or you can try ham omelets and vegetable salad too.


As part of your ketosis diet, if you want a delicious meal, you can try the all-time favourite, ham and cheese sandwich with nuts or vegetables.


Cook yourself a delicious dinner of beef steak with egg and veggies. However, make sure you are choosing grass-fed beef. As grass-fed beef has a richer protein content, itis less harmful.

Additionally, before starting a keto diet, here is what cancer patients should know:

  1. Depending on the type of cancer you are suffering from, you must indulge in this food plan. So, before beginning, get the diet chart approved by your physician.
  2. Availing a ketogenic meal may result in ketosis weight loss. Due to the lack of carbs, the body breaks down fat faster as ketones are released. Thus, weight loss is a common side effect in this case.
  3. Different bodies adapt to different diets; so, if there arediscrepancy and digestive issues, consult a dietitian to change your weekly meal plans.

Hence, try the above-mentioned keto diet plan and bring your metabolism back on track. After all, prevention is the best cure for cancer!

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